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Welcome to Kruel Intention ! 

Kruel Intention is a reasonably new WOW guild based on Karazhan. Our guild consists of friendly, mature and relaxed people from most of Europe. We enjoy all aspects of WOW, from PVP to PVE. We are based on a PvP server and therefore love to KILL all alliance we can :), although Kruel Intention itself is not a strict PvP guild. 

Out and about in the WOW world, we are looking to be seen as being one of the most respected guilds on Karazhan and are working hard to achieve this. 

Recruitment to Kruel Intention is open to any applicant, but it is worthwhile considering the information in here before contacting our recruitment officers.
Also please read Public Announcement "What Kruel Intention is, And Is Not".  

We are a mature guild.
We are a relaxed group of players and are not a raiding / hardcore guild.
For further information also please read Public Announcement "What Kruel Intention is, And Is Not".  

Kruel Intention recruitment is a process of 'getting to know you', so generally you will only be asked to join the guild if you have been recommended by an existing member of Kruel Intention, have spent time adventuring with members of Kruel Intention, or are a Real Life friend of a Kruel Intention member.
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